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My name is Raquel Torres and I work as a freelance designer focused on

 corporate identity and graphic design. After having spent many years creating designs

that pleased my clients I decided to treat myself and set up my own brand.

Due to the need of portraying my love for typography, geometry and patterns

I am currently concentrated in designing prints and streetwear

 that show my particular vision of life.

My main inspiration is the urban lifestyle. My designs can be traced back to

the pop culture of big cities suburbs and the cheeky spirit of their people.

These are inspired by the cities' streets, the banners and posters of bars and clubs,

daily scenes in the subway and public art.

My designs engage with urban people — a vital and dynamic community that is

 constantly looking for a touch of differentiation. These are little pieces that don’t need to say anything new, they are just a excuse to start a conversation, to connect with other people.

Hope you enjoy them!



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 a creative collaboration or commission,

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